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Welcome to St Justin Martyr Orthodox Church (Jacksonville, FL) Russian website.
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St Justin American Russian Orthodox Church in Jacksonville, FL

There is a great variety of Orthodoxy in USA. Our parish belongs to Orthodox Church in America (OCA), the most young among community of world Orthodox churches. OCA was founded in 1970 by blessing from Russian Orthodox Church for Orthodoxy development in America. Before revolution in Russia in 1917, Russian Orthodox Church unified majority of Orthodox people in USA without reference to nationality. OCA is called to play the same role. Many of American Orthodox believers and priests are descendants those faithful who used to go to multinational parishes of Russian Orthodox Church in USA in the beginning of 20th century.

Orthodox Church in America and Russian Orthodox Church have very close friendly relations, for example, our Metropolitan Jonah got his first monastic experience in Valaam monastery in Russia.

In our parish you can meet Americans who were born in Orthodox families (cardles) and Americans, who converted to Orthodoxy (converts). We have pretty big Russian community (over 100 people) and try to keep our Russian church and cultural traditions. We have church services in Russian (Slavonic) language on a regular basis, Russian coffee-hour, holiday celebrations and social events. Sunday school for adults and children has place every Sunday.

We do not divide our parish family to Americans and Russians. Our church is a place of prayer, worship and a spiritual shelter for all Orthodox or interesting in Orthodoxy no matter what nationality they are.

See you at our church and may God bless you!
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8535 Baymeadows Rd, suite #45, Jacksonville, FL 32256
Тел: (904) 361-3445 | Email: aocjax@mail.com

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Russian-American Orthodox Church (under OCA) in Jacksonville, Florida
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